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Digital Signage


Digital Signage is now accepted as the smart way to promote your product or service. It gets your message across in a dynamic way, and you have total control over what you display and when.




Internet Protocol Television, more commonly known as IPTV, is a system where television is delivered via an internet system rather than the more traditional terrestrial or satellite options.


Media Portals


Now that broadband technology is so readily available, people are increasingly turning to"on demand" streaming of content as a way to view television when it suits them.


Video On Demand


These days it isn´t enough to simply offer your hotel guests video on demand and every TV channel available. Guests want an interactive display experience using only the TV remote or personal mobile device.


Welcome To The Digital Signage Age...

If you want to deliver rich imagery and dynamic information to clients and customers, digital signage is what your business needs to be represented professionally by the latest technology. From eye catching digital billboards to electronic signs that display anything from flight information to whose order is ready to go, digital signage is the modern way to add function and style to nearly any business, educational, medical, hospitality or corporate situation.

New Zealand’s leader in electronic displays

Digital Signage Solutions operates nationwide to offer robust and reliable digital displays for nearly any situation - whether it’s indoor, outdoor, large or small, we have an electronic solution for your advertising or internal marketing needs. Promote your product or business the smart way: keep clients informed and attract the interest of everyone who passes by. Our systems can help you Create, Publish, Display and Communicate with your customers and users more effectively through the latest in display technology.

Our electronic digital signage and software systems adapt to every scenario. Digital Signage Solutions works regularly with interactive displays and touch screen kiosks, IPTV software, commercial signage panels and video walls. Our systems allow you to engage as well as inform anywhere from one customer to thousands of viewers.

Bringing you the complete digital package

From digital billboards and IPTV systems to the digital signage software they run on, Digital Signage Solutions can custom-create a full experience to fit your needs.

It’s our goal to build stable and lasting relationships with the businesses and groups we work with, which is why we offer everything from product procurement, distribution and installation to staff training sessions and a 7 day, after hours support service for our clients.

Our Services

DSS specialises in creating end-to-end solutions for the installation and support of digital signage, IPTV and video-on-demand systems for the retail, corporate, educational, hospitality and government markets.

Our services include:

  • Product procurement and distribution logistics
  • Project management of large installations nationwide with Site Safe accredited workers
  • 7 day and after-hours support services
  • Product training and account management
  • International product development and support through TriplePlay Services Australia
  • Products and Projects

    Digital Signage Solutions are the authorised reseller of the TriplePlay Digital Signage software suite in New Zealand; an international product developed in the UK that is represented in over 30 countries worldwide. TriplePlay digital signage solutions have been implemented in signature companies like Virgin Holiday Shops and the Chelsea Football Club. Its unique architecture and operating platform makes it one of the most reliable on the market, allowing a robust and stable customer experience.

    Find out how DSS systems can help you Create, Publish, Display and Communicate with your clients, customers and users through the latest technology. If you want to know what we can do for your business or group, contact us. We’re ready to help you promote, inform and engage the smart way.